What’s The Future of the Spidey Movies?


The “Amazing Spider-Man 2” was not the blockbuster Sony hoped it would be. It was met with a “meh” response from critics and fans alike and while it did make a descent amount of money at the box office, it still fell short of what its predecessor brought in.

Even before its theatrical release, Sony had revealed plans to significantly expand their Spider-Man movie universe. A third installment in the new Spider-Man trilogy was announced, which came as no surprise. What was a shock was Sony having put into production a movie staring the Sinister Six villain group as well as a separate film focused on Venom and Carnage. Interestingly enough, neither of those movies were intended to include Spider-Man himself. Seems as if Sony wanted to attempt a Marvel Studio style “universe building” with the characters they have the rights to.

Recently though, the rumor mill coming out of Sony is indicating that their plans are radically changing. Apparently, the tepid response to ASM2 was substantial enough that Sony is possibly rethinking their entire Spidey-movie strategy. Rumors have been swirling and I wanted to discuss the top three rumors about the future of the Spider-Man franchise that have caught my attention.

1. The Sinister Six Movie will now Include Spider-Man…who is not played by Andrew Garfield.

Sinister Six

For any non or new geeks (welcome!), let me bring you up to speed – The Sinister Six has been a stable of villains that has long tormented dear ol’ Spidey in the comics. “Amazing 2” sets up the idea of encountering them in a future movie, particularly in that final scene with Harry Osborn. Again, from what Sony has announced, the Sinister Six was meant to be a stand alone movie rather than the end of the “Amazing” trilogy. While there haven’t been many details given, we had been told that it would feature six villains (no details on specifically which ones) and exist in the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe. Honestly, a movie staring a stable of Spidey villains without an appearance from web head does not excite me. The thought of Spider-Man having to fight off this team as an epic end to a trilogy is exciting, but alas, it wasn’t originally meant to be.

Now the rumors are saying that if Sony does move forward with the Sinister Six,  It’ll be with Spider-Man in a prominent role. A potential plot being that an even greater threat forces the villains to form an uneasy alliance with Spider-Man so they can save the Princess from Bowser once and for all, or something like that (the last part may be part of my fan fiction). Oh…but since Andrew Garfield isn’t contracted for this film, they would recast him. Because having multiple actors playing Spider-Man isn’t confusing or anything, right? But that leads to the next rumor…

2. Sony recasts and reboots the entire franchise…again!


Sony may just “burn down the house” and start all over again. New cast, new universe, etc. Now, this sounds absolutely crazy to me, but then again I’m not a studio exec. While I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed “The Amazing Spider-Man,” what didn’t connect with me was the origin story. Mainly because I felt that I had JUST SEEN IT in the Sam Raimi trilogy. Would they really go through all this again? I don’t know, but this rumor does imply that every option is on the table over at Sony. But the giant risk with this is “reboot fatigue.” In the last 15 years we’ve had two different film approaches to Spider-Man, and we’re risking boredom. I’m of the opinion that this has been a big factor in why the “Amazing” movies haven’t made as much money as Sony’s original trilogy – people are asking, “Wait…didn’t we just see this?”

What would also be a disappointment to me in this is that I really like Andrew Garfield as Peter/Spidey. I honestly didn’t think I would, but he’s been my favorite part of the new movies. I would love this guy to be given the opportunity to star in a well-written Spidey film, but maybe Sony sees him as part of the problem? I don’t know…

Now, that leads to what I think is the most impossible rumor of all, yet the one I want to be true more than anything…

3. Sony negotiates a deal in which Spider-Man can appear in Marvel Studio movies.

Spidey Avengers

I LOVED “The Avengers.” It was the movie I had always dreamed about as a kid. And after seeing it, what bummed me out was knowing that Marvel Studios would never get to tell a Spider-Man story. Since they had absolutely nailed the heart and soul of all the Avenger characters, now all I wanted was to see them take a crack at the wall crawler. No exaggeration – I would lose my geek mind if they brought a proper Spidey to the big screen and explode from excitement. Literally. Explode. That’s scientifically possible, right?

Would this ever happen? I think this is as long a shot as “long shots” go. We do know that Sony and Marvel have talked, but I imagine that a negotiation such as this isn’t exactly easy for either side. But dream with me here Sony (I know you read this blog) – you love the Spider-Man film franchise because it makes you Scrooge McDuck amounts of money, right? Merchandising alone brings in a fortune. Let me appeal to your accountants here – by working out a deal in which Spider-Man appears alongside The Avengers (maybe even helps kick-off a cinematic “Civil War” storyline) it will make you SO MUCH MONEY, that you could finally buy those solid gold toilet seats you’ve had your eye on. You think you sell a bunch of Spider-Man toothpaste now? Just wait until he’s standing with Robert Downey Jr. and they’re both telling you to floss. Billions Sony, billions!

I do have one condition though. You can share Spider-Man and make money off that deal, but it is ESSENTIAL to let Marvel be the creative force behind how Spidey is written and portrayed. Joss Whedon has made quite a name for himself with how well he writes quippy, sarcastic heroes. Just let him do his thing and Spidey will turn out more than fine – he’ll finally be the Spider-Man we’ve always wanted to see on screen.

Like I’ve said, these are just rumors and I’m sure there are more out there. We won’t know anything for sure until Sony opens their big old corporate mouth. But in the mean time, you’ve heard my ranting, now what say you fellow nerd? Which of the rumors makes you the most excited? The least? Would you prefer the Spider-Man movies just show Aunt May playing Bingo at the community center? SOUND OFF in the comments below!

This has been a NERD ALERT!




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