The New Star Wars Teaser Is Here!

Force Awakens

On Black Friday we were given our first glimpse of the next installment in the Star Wars saga…

Like many Star Wars nerds I’ve watched this teaser about a billion times. It’s not long (barely over a minute), but it was enough to get the ol’ geek heart excited! There’s something extremely special about anticipating a new Star Wars movie, isn’t there?

Now the interweb is ablaze with speculation regarding what this teaser shows us. What I’ve decided to do is watch it and concurrently write my reactions/questions in chronological order. Basically I’m doing what I do best – babbling about something nerdy. BEHOLD…

-I’m assuming the opening shot is of Tatooine. How could they show a desert world and have it not be, right? Interesting that we’re once again visiting Luke’s home world. Does this mean the plot does revolve around Luke as has been rumored?


-Cool voice over! I wish I sounded that cool. It would really spice things up when I ordered pizza. Anyway, many have speculated that the voice belongs to the Cumberbatch but the website “Hitfix” broke the news that it’s actually Gollum himself, Andy Serkis. Is he playing the role of a villain in this?

-An unmasked Storm Trooper seemingly in distress eh? Is this a glimpse at one of the new characters? My guess –  it’s not a “real” Stormtrooper, but one of the good guys in disguise. Just a guess, but I am a genius, so it’s likely to be true.


-Is looks like the R2 units have gotten a mobility upgrade. Glad to see Star Wars has been inspired by the World Cup.

New Rd

-The Stormtroopers has gotten a slight fashion upgrade. One of the big questions I’ve long had about Episode VII is with this being set 30 years after “Jedi,” what state is the Empire in? Did it all collapse with the Emperor’s death and is what we’re seeing now a resurgence? Has a remnant always remained? Obviously there’s is imperial influence is in this film. I’m extremely curious to see what the Empire is up to.

New troopers

-Another potential new character on what looks like a bulky a speeder bike, also seemingly on Tatooine. This could have to do with the “Luke’s been missing,” rumor. Maybe they are looking for clues to his location?  Or they could be trying to find Obi-wan’s hidden teapot collection. Either way works.


-X-Wings! They look upgraded while still maintaining their iconic look. The pilot has the rebel insignia, which made me very happy! My guess is that if a new republic has been created since the fall of the Empire, then that symbol is now their icon.

-Black robes in the Star Wars universe often mean Sith, so I’m thinking we’re seeing the back of a villain. Is this an Inquisitor type role? A rumored “jedi hunter?” Lord Voldemort in the wrong movie?

-Okay…let’s talk about that Lightsaber. The look of it broke the internet over the weekend. Here’s my initial reaction – It looks a little silly and definitely doesn’t have the “wow factor” of when we first saw Darth Maul’s double lightsaber, but I will reserve judgement until I have context for why it looks as it does. Instead of spouting nerd rage about its design, I’m choosing to appreciate that is has given the world some incredible memes.

Lightsaber meme

-HOLY CRAP – IT’S THE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE AND THE MILLENNIUM FALCON!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Honestly, if the teaser was just this section then I still would have been completely satisfied. Seeing the Falcon fighting off TIE fighters is an early Christmas present! Also, it looks as if the Falcon got a new satellite dish since “Jedi.” Nerd continuity, right?

New Falcon

FINAL THOUGHTS: Even though it was just a teaser, I LOVED IT! It didn’t give us to much (which I appreciate), but it gave us just enough to get the geek juices flowing and start some incredibly nerdy discussions. I do enjoy J.J. Abrams’ work and I’m excited to see more of what he’s got up his sleeve for this. I’m a happy Star Wars geek!

So what did you think of the teaser? Do you see something I didn’t in it? Are you worried that this movie could still include the destroyer of worlds that is Jar Jar Binks? SOUND OFF in the comments below.

This has been a NERD ALERT!



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